Monday, June 27, 2011

Results are in and First Friday Art Walk

After not waiting so patiently the result's for The World Famous Topeka Zoo's finally came in.  We are very excited to announce we were award 2 3 first place awards and a second place award.  We know for sure that this photo took first.

The next two we know that one took first and the other took second we just aren't sure which one is which.

We don't think it's so bad that 3 of the 4 photos we entered placed.  Sadly, my personal favorite did not place.  It's ok, I knew it was a long shot for this kind of contest but I liked it.  This one also took first!  

All four photographs will be on display at the zoo July 1 9 AM-2 PM, July 2 9 AM - 5 PM, and July 3 9 AM-5 PM and they will be on display at Core First Bank in downtown Topeka July 1 as part of First Friday 5 PM-8 PM

Update:  The list that we were sent left off the lion photo.  It was our assumption that it had not placed.  The list released to the public on Monday or Tuesday had the lion photo listed as a first place winner.  We are over the moon with our results.

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  1. Great photo's! It's my first time passing through your site and I'm very impressed. I'll be back again!


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