Thank you for your interest in advertising here at Shields Photography.

Shields Photography started in May 2010. This blog just may be the little blog that could. With a strong focus on the blog starting in December 2010 we have seen readership grow 2000%. Each post is broadcast to Facebook* and Twitter**.

Current advertisement options.
Note: Prices are locked in at the time of purchase.

Graphic Icon on right side.
100 pixel x 100 pixel graphic. No animations please. You need to provide the icon or it will be a generic icon.

1 month - $10.00
3 months - $25.00
6 months - $45.00
1 year - $80.00


We are more than happy to host a giveaway on our blog. Please keep in mind the following though:

Products need to be valued at $20.00 or more.
Products should be in line with the theme of the blog. Photography products, display photo products, or craft products that can be used to something creative with photos are currently being accepted.
Giveaways will last for one week. During that week a link to the giveaway will be in each post that week.

You write the post - $0.00
I write the post - $5.00

Business Highlight
If your business is in line with the theme of the blog we would love to highlight your business. (Please no competing businesses i.e. Northeast Kansas Photographers, art photographers.) Photography equipment, framing solutions, photo storage solutions, and photo jewelry kits/makers are examples of businesses we would welcome.

You write the post - $10.00
I write the post - $20.00

Product Review
Offers to review a product will be reviewed with each request. We must be able to use the product at the time. Product reviews will be provided for free if we may keep the product. If we must return the product the cost will be $30.00.

All billing will be done via pay pal.

If you would like to contact us about our advertising options please email us at shieldsphotosks at gmail dot com.

*Current Facebook "fans" 175.
** Current Twitter Follower Count is 473 along with being listed 60 times.
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