Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We're Stylin'

We are super honored to have been given this award.  It's our first!!  The amazing ladies over at Crafty Life and Style bestowed it upon us.  Now to share seven fun things and pass it on to 15 amazing blogs.  (Note only one half of Shields Photography is up for sharing things.)

1. Mel drinks almost a gallon of faux sweet tea a day.  It's sweetened with sweet and low.
2. At work, everyday, at 1:00 she buys a Dr. Pepper and drinks it.
3. Mel doesn't care what others think, she loves her crocs.  She also has an extensive collection of what the other half calls ugly shoes. (They aren't ugly they are high fashion shoes that help a short girl out.)
4. Mel has been to known to cry over Folgers Commercials, Hallmark Commercials, and the finale of Big Love.
5. Mel's first ever published picture was of feet.  The other half's first ever published picture was

6. Mel loves That 70's show.
7. Last but not least Mel loves to bake!

Ok that was harder then I thought it would be.  Now for the easy part, 15 favorite blogs!.
(In no order!)

1. Dollar Store Crafts
2. The Idea Room
3. Blue Cricket Design
4. Infarrantly Creative
5. Be Different Act Normal
6. Crap I've Made
7. Homemade by Jill
8. Ruffles and Stuff
9. Someday Crafts
10. Tatertots and Jello
11. Eighteen25
12. Sew Dang Cute Crafts
13. I <3 Naptime
14. Sew Much Ado
15. Iron Craft


  1. Thank you for adding me to that list of amazing bloggers!

  2. You are welcome thanks for inspiring me!

  3. Thanks so much for the recognition! That is so kind of you! I'm glad you like my blog. I have to say that we have a few things in common. I'm a crocs girl too. I cry at everything. There are a few songs/music videos to add to that list too. The one thing I wish I had in common with you is that I would LOVE to own and know how to use a nice camera. My point and click (is that what they are called?) stinks!!!!! Thanks again.

  4. You know Michelle I used a point and shoot for years. They are great to learn on. If it wasn't for the advent of digital I'd still be on point and shoot. Film is so expensive.

  5. Beautiful Photos! Joining you from a blog hop I was hoping you could follow and join my hop so everyone can see your lovely blog. Thank you!


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