I must say that writing a biography of myself is my least favorite thing to do.  I don't find myself interesting at all.  I find my photographs much more interesting.  BUT...I know that I must write a biography so that you know that I'm a real person.

I fell in love with the art of photography at a very young age.  I try not to give ages away but my mom had a Kodak camera that used a disk for it's film if that helps you. Those photos weren't anything special and neither was my camera.  But I had fun snapping photos, watching the little flash burn up, remember when they came on sticks, and the coveted Polaroid that once in awhile I could get my hands on.  Then I got to upgrade to a 35 mm point and shoot and won an award in 4-H photography.  I realized then I wanted a "real" camera.  I wanted something I could change lens and take to a dark room in my basement, which I didn't have at the time, and develop the film.  I wanted a camera that could take the pictures I saw in my mind. I also realized I didn't see things with the same eye as other people did.

Finally, I got the camera that could take the photo I saw in my mind.  I even had a basement, I just didn't need a dark room anymore.  Now I needed a computer and software.  I had both of those things.  I still get to "develop" my photo, now I just do it with a mouse click instead of a chemical bath.
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