Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scheduling, Lightroom, and Other Frustrations

I made up a schedule, even put it on my Google calendar so that it would give me little pop ups to remind me what I'm supposed to do next.  That's wonderful when you can stick to it.  I however I am not so great at sticking to it.

I'm supposed to start my "work" day at 10 AM.  I'm not a morning person and knew this so I wanted to make sure I was well awake by the time I was supposed to start.  The first thing I am supposed to do is make connections for my Artfire shop.  I do great at that! I like to talk and I figure the more I'm posting on twitter and the artfire message boards the more I'm putting my stuff out there.  Only problem is I don't like to stop so I end up spending well more than an hour each morning doing that and start wondering why no one is responding to me.  Yeah I know they are off creating things.

Then is the ever important lunch hour, which I never actually eat during.  I set it at that time though so I could watch Young and The Restless. lol  What I end up doing is watching the show while checking Facebook, email, twitter, the message boards and here to see if anyone has commented.  I know get a life right. lol

After that fun time I'm supposed to actually work on photos.  I pulled my card, almost full, started to transfer all those hundreds of photos off my card and on to my working hard drive.  Only I messed up and created short cuts so I had to start over.  At least while that was happening I started some laundry.

Finally got my photos on my working drive and imported into lightroom only to have lightroom dump all my camera information so instead of the bright vibrant photos I ended up with blah and boring photos.  It sucks and no one seems to know why.  We are looking into it though, I find lightroom faster than photoshop for developing my shots.  We are doing the rule out all the variables.  Right now my husband is putting one of my cards onto his computer to see what happens there.  I put another load of laundry in too! 

After working on my photos I'm supposed to up load some to artfire.  Since I didn't get my photos done I didn't upload any.  Hard to sell art prints when you aren't uploading any.  I did make another business card though. 

What do you guys think of this one?

I finally changed my anti-virus while typing this blog. 

(Note: what I actually did is in bold not a lot accomplished today)

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