Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things Are Getting Exciting

This last week has been filled with exciting prospects for our little business.  When you take something for a hobby to a part-time business it can be a little scary.  We went to taking photos for fun to donating photos to the school to doing photos for friend and then biting the bullet, after much begging, to a part-time business.  But this week has proved to be worth it all.

We have two prospective clients that aren't related to us or friends.  :-)

We finally heard back from the friends of the zoo!  They are accepting our donation of photos for use in fundraising and advertisement! This is a non-paying thing but it gets our photos out there and it helps a group that has become very near and dear to our heart.

We finally got to chat for a little bit with my step-son last night.  He's on leave now for a few days before he ships out to the horn of Africa.  We won't get to see him but it was nice to hear from him.  He had told us before he left he would be talking up our photography to his buddies.  He had been showing them the photos we took of him and his fianc√© before he left and he has 164 people interested in it.  Even if a tenth of them call us when they are back on leave that's sixteen new clients!!  Which is uber exciting!

I got a new photo up on Artfire this week too!

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