Monday, July 5, 2010

How To Set-Up A Fan Page on Facebook

There has been lots of discussion and questions on how to set up a fan page.  So I've making a mini tutorial here for everyone who needs help.

Step 1: Sign into your personal Facebook account or create a new one, just follow the on screen steps.

Step 2: You'll be taken to your feed page.  It looks like this.

Step 3: Now we need to create a page.  There is a link on the left hand side you may need to click the more link to find it.  I had to.  See where the arrow is pointing.

Step 4: After clicking the link you'll get a page like this if you already have a page.

Step 5: You'll need to click Create Page.  When you do that you'll get this.

Step 6:  Fill in the the appropriate information.  You will be taken back to the page on Step 4 where you can further edit the page and information.

Step 7: You get your fan page.  In order to get your friends to like your page, you'll need to suggest it to them.  This is great because every time you like a page it shows up in your feed, which is broadcast to all of your friends.  This makes your page available to hundreds, thousands possibly new people.

When you click on that a pop up will come up with all your friends.  Click on the ones you want to suggest your page to.  Then click send invitations. 

If you need more help just ask, I'll be happy to help.


  1. Thank you Melissa. I'm still confused. I don't see what you see when I log in. ?

  2. Do you have any suggestions how to keep your personal from your business everytime I like a page it shows on my personal page and not business.

    PS Found you by your link on Artfire Im a new follower. Good info thanks for sharing it.

  3. Button - What aren't you seeing? Which step??

    Katie - Your business page can't like other pages. Only you as a person can, if you want it to show up on your business page then after you like it under the avatar there is a place that says "add to my pages favorites" then it will show up on your business page.


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