Sunday, January 30, 2011

Giveaway Winner and Other Stuff

I know it's Sunday and I was supposed to announce on Friday.  I know, I know, I know bad me. :)  So here's the deal, the weather was finally nice and well I've been enjoying that before another round of the white stuff hits.  I've also been working behind the scenes to bring you guys a more enjoyable website.

Now the winner of the month long sponsorship............. I HEART NAP TIME    I'll be contacting you soon so we can get it set up for you.  Thanks to everyone who sent a ton of people my way this month!

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  1. Hi pretty lady!!!
    I just wanted to drop in and say hello :) I found you via for the love of blogs and also pass on a little project that you might be interested in!!

    It's called the photo swap. My friend Kendra started it a few months ago and it has just been a blast to do!

    Come check it out! I think being a photography lover, you will really enjoy it:

    Here's how far the swap has come:

    Hope you will come play with us :)


    Our emails: (creator)


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